Trade Mission to the Emerging Market of Saudi Arabia

June 7, 2010

Francisco J. Sánchez is the Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade

Wow.  Saudi Arabia is giving new meaning to the term “emerging market”.  I have just arrived to lead a public health trade mission here and in Qatar, and the trade and investment opportunities are incredible.  Saudi Arabia has plans to invest over 500 billion dollars in new infrastructure, health care, and education projects in the coming years, including many opportunities for the medical and water technology companies that are here with me.  Saudi Arabia not only has a friendly business climate, but the warm hospitality towards us and Americans in general has been deeply appreciated and noted by all.  I want to thank the exceptional Commercial Service team here on the ground for their efforts in developing what is clearly going to be a very successful trade mission.


  1. I hope to get the best of Saudi Arabia.

  2. 500 billion dollars in new infrastructure provides fantastic opportunities for trade.

  3. Excellent blog, regards from Spain !!!

  4. 500 billion dollars ?????

  5. Interesting article… 500 billion dollars sure is a lot of money and certainly makes the trade prospects look bright. Good to hear positive news in this economic climate.

  6. Good Article Thanks.

  7. 500 billion dollars?!?!? wow!

  8. Excelent post !!! Thanks for the information!

  9. 500 billions, yea!!! 8-O

  10. That is really inspiring especially in view of the current economic climate. Please keep us posted regarding your progress. Thank you.

  11. I believe that in terms of investment potential, the last 25 years have belonged to the markets of South East Asia, the next 25 years will belong to the Middle East. And Saudi Arabia seem to be the market leader, followed by United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and possibly Kuwait.

  12. 500 Million dollars… are you kidding? Unreal. Must be the oil that allows them
    to inject that money for such things. Nice.

  13. Whoops… It’s 500 billion?!?!?! That really seems like a typo… I can’t fathom that, my goodness!!

  14. 500 billions?

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