A Blue Print for Export-Driven Jobs Growth

February 4, 2010

Mary Trupo is the International Trade Administration’s Director of the Office of Public Affairs.

The National Press Club is abuzz with excitement as Secretary Gary Locke prepares to roll out the National Export Initiative (NEI), unveiled during President Obama’s State of the Union Address.  During last week’s speech, the president announced a goal of doubling exports over the next five years to support 2 million jobs in America. The NEI, the first of its kind, represents a government-wide export-promotion strategy in the U.S. with focused attention from the president and his cabinet.

As I sit here in the throng of reporters, members of Congress and invited guests, I am struck by how much work, collaboration and passion has gone into creating this historic initiative. Much more work is ahead as we promote and engage American businesses to take advantage of the expanded programs that the Secretary just announced.

I am excited to be part of this moment and know that through the efforts of the talented and dedicated global staff within ITA, we will reach the goal of increasing exports and assisting more U.S. companies who are either new to exporting or export ready, to expand into new markets.


  1. Much more work is ahead as we promote and engage American businesses to take advantage of the expanded programs

  2. it’s really great to help companies to increase exports , especially the newly established ones , thanks .

  3. I agree, companies today really do need all the help they can get, especially the smaller ones!

  4. good news for newly established companies .

  5. Is there any initiative in place to help US businesses that are in a services industry, not producers, to get business abroad? Not all services need be performed in person, just like the customer support service jobs for US consumers that are largely performed by people in other countries like India. Many Chinese businesses doing business locally in China need English translation services, judging by the packaging on a lot of their products, storefront signs, etc. Any info appreciated. Thank you

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