The Strategic Partnership Program Working to Increase Exports and Create Jobs

March 15, 2010

Adam Wilczewski is the Director of Strategic Partnerships in the International Trade Administration’s U.S. Commercial Service.

More than three million readers this morning in USA TODAY got hard evidence of the kind of private-public cooperation that will make the difference for the country as exports become a larger share of the economy. At the bottom of the front page, FedEx ran a banner ad calling on the general public to work with them and the U.S. Commercial Service of the International Trade Administration to locate new global business opportunities. The ad was the culmination of a reinvigorated initiative spearheaded by the Strategic Partnership Office to engage the power of private business entities involved in the global economy with the readily available resources of government.

The cooperation between FedEx and U.S. Commercial Service is a prime example of the nuts-and-bolts work the Department of Commerce is doing to make President Obama’s National Export Initiative a success by doubling exports in five years and supporting two million more jobs. FedEx’s newspaper ad in USA Today is the first of many steps the company and ITA will take together in the future, and it serves as example of how other businesses can work with the Strategic Partnership Program to increase exports and create jobs.