Civil Nuclear Trade Mission – Poland

July 19, 2010

Francisco J. Sánchez is the Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade

I have spent the last few days in Warsaw, Poland, on the first stop of a Civil Nuclear Trade Mission.  Traveling with me are other member of the Department of Commerce, as well as team leads from the Department of State and the Department of Energy.  The impressive government team represents this Administration’s commitment not only to nuclear energy, but to working together as an inter-agency unit to fulfill the goals of the National Export Initiative.  We also have the pleasure of the company of nine of America’s top companies in the nuclear energy sector, as well as representation from our academic community.  Together we represent the leadership, skills, support, and partnership to help this region of the world meet their nuclear energy goals.  And our strong ally and friend Poland is the perfect place to start – here’s to old friendships and new partnerships!


  1. It’s very important not to forget about safety in nuclear energy sector. I think that one Cherobyl is inough for Europe. Safety first!

  2. I really hope that great strides are made in the direction of nuclear energy independence. we must get off of dependency on a resource that is disappearing.

  3. Good post!

  4. On my opinion scientists have to develope solar energy instead of nuclear one.

  5. Meeting the energy needs of a diverse population and geographic means utilizing a diverse set of energy sources. So IMHO, nuclear power should be part of any complete solution but not the only one.

  6. people would choose solar instead of scary nuclear!

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