Potential Matches Made in CES Heaven

January 7, 2011


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Vidya Desai is an International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service International Buyer Program.

The Consumer Electronics Association and the U.S. Commercial Service International Buyer Program joined forces last night to provide U.S. companies with a dynamic opportunity to meet hundreds of international buyers at the Global Matchmaking and International Reception (GMIR).  ITA’s Deputy Under Secretary Michelle O’Neill joined us for the first ever GMIR at CES where five U.S. companies (Earthquake Sound Corporation, ZREISS, Meridrew Enterprises, Livio Radio, and Freelinc) connected their tabletop product or service displays with hundreds of foreign buyers in a reception setting off the show floor. Among the hundreds of attendees at this event were several foreign buyer delegations recruited by the International Buyer Program.  The reception was a great way to meet with prospective new customers; network with foreign buyers and industry professionals; and entertain new contacts in a hospitable and professional venue!

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  1. I would wonder if we could take this idea of a major seminar for economic baskets such as this and simplify it down to a smaller idea. As such could city, county, state and federal leaders be taught to through their own miny seminars for thier areas of leadershi. As such say we have a senator and they have an area that produces small parts for bigger production. Then say we teach the leader or one of thier Aids how to do economic basket tracing. They then find that once in thier term each leader can through a sort of miny seminar for their area if it is found to be feasable. Some where along those lines of thought I think there might be some kind of logic we could use to expand this idea into a bigger production of trade for the world by micro sizing the idea for each area of economics that it is found will create a cost benefit for leaders or their aids to throw.

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    The Dubious barker of sounds and noises. Secretary C, I’s I.

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