California Exporters to Benefit from India’s Tariff Reduction on Pistachios

April 7, 2011

 Diana Fonovich is the India Desk Officer for Market Access and Compliance within the International Trade Administration

California’s pistachio industry  will benefit from the significant reduction in India’s customs tariff for imported pistachios that was implemented in India’s April 2011 – March 2012 fiscal year budget.  After sustained advocacy by the International Trade Administration (ITA), in concert with efforts by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, India lowered its tariff on imported pistachios from 30 percent to 10 percent.

“Through this tariff reduction, we celebrate a win for the United States, a win for our global partner, India, and a win for American agriculture,” said Stewart Resnick, president of California-based Paramount Farms International (PFI), a major grower and processor of pistachios. “We’re looking forward to increased sales and consumption of healthy pistachios, both in India and around the globe.”

India’s tariff reduction for pistachios also benefits the 4,000 employees of PFI and its grower partners and, through the prospective increase in U.S. exports to India, will contribute toward achieving the goal under the President’s National Export Initiative of doubling U.S. exports in five years.

Tariff reduction advocacy is just one way that ITA and its Market Access and Compliance unit helps U.S. companies expand their exports.  In the past year, ITA has successfully advocated for Indian tariff reductions in medical technology, solar power plant equipment, and certain chemicals.


  1. Indian economy and trading is increasing day by day. Every country wants to trading with India. Which type of things U.S exports to India?

    • Because labor is cheap in India, almost 90% of BPO industry is exported to India. The BP industry or outsourcing in services such as telecommunication, manufacturing as well as medical supplies are being outsource to them. It is not surprising that many Americans are jobless nowadays.

      But on second thought, outsourcing is done because many Americans do not want to do blue collar jobs and prefer white collar ones.

  2. People had good reason to celebrate both in locations. This tariff reduction, along with more efforts in outreach and advertising, can lead to a dramatic rise in the intake of California pistachios in India. When India’s tariff on almonds was similarly lifted in 2000, consumption there went from 48 million pounds annually to in excess of 101 million pounds annually in only 5 years.

  3. I’m glad to hear that we’re seeing other countries reduce their tariffs. I don’t understand why ours aren’t comparable to other countries, but I’m just an outside observer.
    I’m particularly glad to see the easing of tariffs for solar power equipment. This may help jump start our solar industry. I write in my blog about how the federal tax incentives are already very good. I think we’re on the right path with solar energy.

  4. Hi – you wondered “Which type of things U.S exports to India?”. As of first half of 2010 the United States top exports to India were:

    1. Airplanes and spacecraft, and parts for them
    2. Gem diamonds
    3. Phosphate fertilizer
    4 “Non-monetary” gold (industrial gold, or for jewelry, not our Fort Knox stash)
    5 Coal tar oil
    6 Coal
    7 Voice, images and data machines including routers
    8 Iron
    9 Huge gas turbines (with an output more than 5k kilowatts)
    10. Jewelry besides silver

    But this list leaves out the real #1… customer service jobs

    The US has natural resources that everyone needs.

  5. I think tariff’s like these are important to our economy 😉

    Also I love pistachios so much!

    God bless America !

  6. Cheaper pistachios is a good thing. Hope this helps the economy.

    • Nuts prices have been quite high. I think it’s important, as nuts are one of the best sources of nutrients and yes, everyone loves pistachios!

  7. India’s tariff reduction for pistachios is great news, especially as it also benefits the 4,000 employees of PFI – which is great news when jobs are being lost daily. This is a really positive move.

  8. California pistachios are the best on earth, so they should be available in all global markets.

  9. I agree with In the past year, ITA has successfully advocated for Indian tariff reductions in medical technology, solar power plant equipment, and certain chemicals

  10. This is certainly good news for the California pistachios industry in US. However this will also open up for other pistachios growing countries, hence competition.

  11. good news california

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