Day 5 -Education Mission, Wrap up and Departing Hanoi

April 8, 2011

Amanda Lawrence is an intern working with the U.S. Commercial Service

Today is the last day of events for the trade mission. Everyone traveled north to the capital Hanoi yesterday. Similar to the start of our Ho Chi Minh City visit, we began today with a market briefing. U.S. Embassy officials discussed the current education environment, highlighting opportunities and hurdles. After the briefings, we all attended an education partnering workshop at the Melia Hotel. The workshop consisted of roundtable discussions, as well as, opportunities to network with local schools hoping to create partnerships. Next, interested schools participated in matchmaking sessions with education agents arranged by the Commercial Service. Participants were very pleased with the business relationships they established as a result of meetings with over many agencies.

The Institute of International Education (IIE) organized the Hanoi Education Fair.   Fifty-six schools were present and there were over 1,200 students participating. School representatives exhibited at the fair and met with students and parents. They then had the choice of meetings similar to the day before in Ho Chi Minh City.   Alongside the fair, IIE hosted parallel sessions on studying in the United States, a visa briefing, and standardized testing, offering additional information on U.S.-Vietnam educational exchange.

The Education Mission to Vietnam and Indonesia was a great success! We’re headed home to continue developing and exploring the relationships formed during the trip and looking forward to future students coming to study here in the U.S.


  1. Re the upcoming Government shutdown, are you going to post any information concerning schedule tolling of AD/CVD proceedings that ITA is currently conducting? Has the ITA received any temporary funding, as some government agencies have, or will some offices be deemed essential? Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Will the post be updated with the event’s reports? That would be very appreciated.

  3. I guess the report pdfs of recordings would be of great help for those who failed to visit.

  4. only 2% of Vietnamese people go to college even in their own country. Those students who we’ve met here in the United States studying at a college or graduate level are elite representatives of that country. But there are more and more able to afford college in Vietnam now, and more than 1/2 the population is under 35 years old, so we expect there will be more coming here to obtain US degrees.

  5. I remember walking through a zigzag corridor to the gate departing Hanoi for Saigon.

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