Arkansas Exporters Determined to Succeed

April 12, 2011
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Patricia M. Gonzalez is the Director of the U.S. Export Assistance Center Arkansas

Arkansas exporters are determined to succeed.  In spite of the fact that the State lacks a well developed international services network that many of our larger exporting neighbors enjoy, we have about 1,500 very committed companies that sell at least into one market.  Our team in CS Little Rock – Eric Johnson, senior international trade specialist; Mary Hayward, export assistance specialist, and I spend a good deal of time combing articles and websites for tidbits of information and sources of assistance to share with our clients.  Often, our companies travel to another state to participate in programs.

I almost couldn’t contain my excitement when Susie Marks, Senior VP for Programs, Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce asked me to suggest programs targeted to Arkansas exporters, particularly pertaining to documentation shortcuts and information that hasn’t been presented here before.  I immediately called Amanda Barlow, USCIB, whom I met at the National DEC Conference in Detroit in October.  She liked the idea and suggested that we include Reed Exhibitions.  It was  a great success and we look forward to our continued cooperation.  While the associate editor of the state-wide Arkansas Business Journal was interested in the workshop, he couldn’t attend.  He asked me to write an article about the program that was published on April 11.  We’re generating a lot of interest in our programs and couldn’t be more pleased that through the CS Strategic Partner Initiative that we were able to stage a new workshop in the State.


  1. Congrats to the Arkansas exporters.

  2. This is good news! knowing that Arkansas exporters are succeeding despite the lack of a well developed international services network that many of our larger exporting neighbors enjoy. This is a wonderful news. Congratulations!

  3. Being an Arkansas based company, it makes me very proud to see this. We have so much to offer the rest of the world, it just hasnt been properly marketed.

  4. This is encouraging. We also recently heard of a Georgia company that is exporting chopsticks to China, made in Georgia and employing local people. Arkansas doesn’t have the coast that Georgia has, but is rich in resources and ready labor

  5. Good job to Arkansas companies! Keep promoting this great state.

  6. When you want something done, sometimes you have to all pull together and do it yourself. It’s good to see this and needs people to do this kind of thing more often.

  7. This is great news for Arkansas companies that export and particularly like your use of the internet to scour for tidbits of information that you share to help your clients

  8. It sounds like this program was a great idea and should go a long way towards helping Arkansas exporters.

  9. Hi Patricia, I am curious. Is this program for Arkansas exporters still active for 2013?

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