Consider India

April 20, 2011

Judy Reinke is the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service’s Senior Commercial Officer in India.

View of Delhi International Airport terminal from inside a car.

View of Delhi International Airport terminal from inside a car.

Hi! I’m Judy Reinke, the head of the U.S. Department of Commerce offices in India. I live in New Delhi, and have the great fortune to oversee a staff of about sixty American and Indian trade specialists who help U.S. business people successfully enter the Indian market – you can learn a lot about what we do at our website. Right now I’m at the New Delhi airport heading to the U.S. If you had ever traveled to Delhi before last year, you’d be amazed at all the changes going on here, starting with the airport itself, which just opened last July (only a day or two before I arrived to take up this job). Wow, this sleek and modern building is gorgeous, and certainly a much welcome improvement for weary business travelers who make the very long trek to India (the bathrooms sparkle and the aircon works!).

For the next two weeks I’m heading to four U.S. cities – Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans and Denver – for meetings with potential U.S. exporting firms who want to know more about the booming Indian market. With a growth rate of 8-9% and around 1.2 billion people, it’s no wonder my staff and I are non-stop busy. But, honestly, I’d like to see even more American firms, including small and medium-sized companies, check out opportunities to sell to India. My goal is to ensure that exports to India double over the next four years (that’s what President Obama called for when he launched the National Export Initiative last year), and that means jobs in America.

So, for the next two weeks I’ll be blogging, and along the way I hope I can share a bit about India and the firms that are already exporting there, or trying or the first time. And, if you happen to be in one of the cities I’m visiting, I would love to meet you there. Just check with my colleagues at your local US Export Assistance Center.

Well, I’m on the airplane now (of course, I’m flying an American carrier), and look forward to being back in the USA soon! More later!


  1. Hi Judy. I really appreciate your time and effort tp putup this wonderful post. I just came to know that we are 1.2billion proud Indians. Thank you so much for this amazing informative post. I am obliged. I`ll bookmark it and come back for more interesting posts. Till then. Namaste !

  2. I’ve always considered India to be such an amazing place, I have no doubt that US companies will have great success exporting to this important country. Good post!

  3. India has the largest foreign reserves in the world plus the economy is doing well with high consumer spending. It makes sense to concentrate in exporting goods to India and having it as our next partner in global affairs.

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