Growing Your Small Green Business and APEC

May 15, 2011

Jane Siegel is an International Trade Specialist at the International Trade Administration who is focused on green building and sustainability issues.

More than 130 participants, both from public and private sector, from 14 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, or APEC economies will learn ways that small and medium-sized companies can implement best practices and make use of resources to become more green and sustainable during a seminar in Big Sky this weekend.

The seminar, consisting of three panels, will bring together business and government expertise focused on “How to Grow Your Small Green Business in APEC Economies.”  The three panels are designed to cover all of the important issues a small or medium-sized businesses working in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, or traditional environmental sectors seeking to export or grow the international side of their work needs to come to grips with as they move forward.

The Functional Panel deals with finance, regulatory and trade promotion.  To grow, smaller companies need to understand finance tools and strategies, the regulatory issues such as standards and the regulatory capacities of the countries in which they are interested.  The Regional Panel will assemble small companies, which have experienced success and challenges in China, Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Brunei and other APEC economies and share those stories with the audience.  Finally, the Sectoral Panel will provide information from companies working in solar energy, wastewater treatment, green building products, and design and engineering.  This seminar will have a practical orientation.

The companies participating in the day’s events will come away with a better understanding of the tools they need to implement to find success in exporting and growing their green businesses. The relationships and opportunities that result from this event will help to build a stronger community within the APEC region and lead to a more robust green community globally.

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