The Corporation for Travel Promotion Has a CEO

May 17, 2011

Brian Beall is an International Trade Specialist working travel and tourism issues within the International Trade Administration.

The Travel Promotion Act, or TPA, has the potential to create new opportunities for U.S. travel and tourism exports and plays a critical role in supporting President Obama’s National Export Initiative and stimulating the U.S. economy.  The Department of Commerce is excited about today’s announcement by the Corporation for Travel Promotion’s (CTP) Board of Directors that travel and tourism industry veteran Jim Evans will lead the newly created CTP as its first CEO.

This is an exciting time for the United States to engage in the global marketplace and proactively compete for international visitors.  After all, more international visitors to the United States means more people eating in our restaurants, staying in our hotels, shopping in our malls, visiting our attractions, and learning about our values and culture.

Since the TPA was signed into law on March 10, 2010, the Department of Commerce, through the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) Office of Travel Promotion and Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, has played a critical role in communicating progress on the TPA’s implementation to the travel and tourism industry.  The TPA established the CTP, a non-profit corporation created by Congress for the purpose of promoting international leisure, business, and scholarly travel to the United States and maximizing the economic and social benefits of that travel for communities across the country.

The CTP’s Board is appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, and the Department of Commerce’s Office of Travel Promotion, located in ITA, serves as the liaison office to the Board.  In September 2010, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke appointed the 11 members of the Board, following consultation with the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security.

For more information about the CTP, please visit: www.CorporationForTravelPromotion.com.

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