Travel and Tourism – partnering with industry to support millions of American jobs

May 17, 2011

Mike Masserman is the director of the Office of Advisory Committees and oversees the President’s Export Council, the Manufacturing Council and 18 other advisory committees.

Coming off the heels of National Travel & Tourism Week , key members of the Obama Administration, including President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, head to Las Vegas this week to underscore the importance of travel and tourism to the American economy at the Global Travel & Tourism Summit .  From hotels, airlines and tour operators to restaurants, national parks and historic sites, this critical industry employs nearly 8 million people in our country and has played an essential role in our economic recovery.

 The U.S. attracts 11.2% of world traveler spending, well ahead of destinations like Spain and France, and welcomed 60 million international visitors in 2010 alone – visitors who spent $134.4 billion dollars.  A lot of people don’t know that international travel and tourism is considered an export – but it is, and with export numbers like that, the industry is a prime contributor to achieving the President’s goal of doubling U.S. exports in the next five years.   So when folks talk about the National Export Initiative and World Trade Month , travel & tourism should be at the top of the agenda.  That’s why we‘re holding our next Travel and Tourism Advisory Board meeting in San Francisco next week to coincide with the Discover America International Pow Wow .

At next week’s meeting, Under Secretary Sánchez will be releasing the upcoming travel forecast and will highlight the Administration’s work on the Board’s recommendations to facilitate international travel to the United States.  The Board will also be presenting recommendations on a number of new policy issues including crisis management and coordination and airport security. 

We look forward to meeting with travel & tourism CEOs from across the country and working with them to help create jobs for the American people.


  1. Its really a good move to create job opportunities in US.

  2. More opportunities are always better for the young. Especially in the travel and tourism industry. Hope it gets better and better.

  3. I worked on the cruise ships once in the Us ,The Hasle I Had trying to get a green card was stupid red tape in the end ,Yes I worked In The Us But Couldnt get off the Ship .the red tape is a joke.

  4. If jobs can be added in the travel and tourism sectors, that could really help the economic recovery get back on track, so if at all possible it should be done.

  5. Well, I liked Obama’s job at the beginning… Then I hate it… Now starting to like him again.

    Just do the good things man!


  6. Its really a good move to create job opportunities In United states.

  7. Obama’s done this again.

  8. I didn´t know that U.S. are ahead of Spain in traveler spending – I though Spain was way ahead. Any info on how many visitors visit Las Vegas, and how many $ do they spend over there?

  9. I would have never thought that international travel and tourism is considered an export from the U.S. I have always viewed it as an industry that countries like Jamaica and Mexico relied on for their economies.

  10. I’ve already send inquire to travel and tourism and encouraging them to consider to have us employee hiring only if cruise are reach in any us ports. You have noticed nearly 99% of them are foreigns workers on cruise! I think it’s important to address an issue today.

  11. perfect movie to create jobs thank you

  12. “The U.S. attracts 11.2% of world traveler spending” – I think it’s good value. But of course it’s still good idea to “create jobs for the American people”.

  13. well ..there’s so many unemployed workers also jobless people hoping so much their government can provide more jobs. in this case… travel and tourism is the best way for economics grows and creates many vacancy and job opportunities…:)

  14. “I worked on the cruise ships once in the Us ,The Hasle I Had trying to get a green card was stupid red tape in the end ,Yes I worked In The Us But Couldnt get off the Ship .the red tape is a joke.” – Doesn’t sound like fun

  15. Spain is one of the European countries that heavy relies on the travel industry. Although it has seen a decrease in the last few years due to the recession it has still held it’s fort. I hope in time the world is more balanced in employment opportunities and both America and other countries can bounce back.

  16. Virtual tours and apps are great when you can’t actually visit a geographical location, but the US certainly does have our enticing travel and tourism options. Even during tough economic times, folks will still have to travel, and they’re still going to want to enjoy the trip.

  17. Tourism is definitely a part of the economy that is far too often overlooked, maybe that is starting to change now.

  18. I can only hope that states step up to the plate and provide quality support for their tourist attractions. The best tourist attraction in the world, such as a fine golf course, is not going to be effective if accommodations and transportation are not able to support the influx of tourists.

  19. I’m glad to see that the Obama administration recognizes the importance of travel and tourism to the American economy especially since “the U.S. attracts 11.2% of world traveler spending” and thus supports millions of American jobs.

  20. Tourism is important to any country’s economy .. but there are pitfalls. look what happened to Egypt and Tunisia, two countries who were perhaps over-dependent on their tourist industries. They are both scrambling to find alternatives to make up for the loss in tourist revenues.
    The ‘Tunisian’ syndrome can strike even a stable and prosperous country like the US: remember New York after Sept 2011 or the whole Gulf of mexico area after the oil-spill. Tourism must be seen in the context of a variety of leisure industries that each region and State must attain to. ‘Just’ tourism will not do.

  21. Travel and Tourism have always been huge industries for the US. …even in small towns. Check any local chamber of commerce. You’d be surprised what tourism options are available in even the most remote area.

  22. Tourism in the United States is a large industry that serves millions of international and domestic tourists yearly. Tourists visit the US to see natural wonders, cities, historic landmarks and entertainment venues. Americans seek similar attractions, as well as recreation and vacation areas.

    Tourism in the United States grew rapidly in the form of urban tourism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By the 1850s, tourism in the United States was well established both as a cultural activity and as an industry. New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, all major US cities, attracted a large number of tourists by the 1890s. By 1915, city touring had marked significant shifts in the way Americans perceived, organized and moved around in urban environments. US has been making good progress and hope to continue this trend in future

  23. Websites also play a big role to attract tourists globally. So beside, IPW.com and Discover America.com launch another complete and comprehensive website to attract tourists globally.

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