Trade Roots and ITA Partner to Bring Green Products to Brazil

June 6, 2011

Cora Dickson is a Senior International Trade Specialist at the International Trade Administration(ITA) in the Office of Energy and Environmental Industries. She is also the coordinator for the Export Green: Brazil project under the Market Development Cooperator Program.

You may recall when I reported here in November on the launch of “Export Green: Brazil” at the Americas Competitiveness Forum. Now, the two-year project under ITA’s Market Development Cooperator Program is getting into full swing with its first trade mission to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro August 28-September 2.

In partnership with the Brazil-U.S. Business Council and Trade Roots, two entities within the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ITA already provides technical assistance for activities under Export Green. Today, Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services Nicole Lamb-Hale raised the profile of their Certified Trade Missioneven further by announcing her participation in key events of the mission to highlight U.S. companies’ ability and desire to fulfill Brazil’s green technologies needs.

Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services Nicole Y. Lamb Hale during the "Opportunities for Colorado Green Companies in Brazil" event in Denver

Approximately 15-20 green tech companies will participate in the trade mission, which is focused on green building solutions and will coincide with the “Brazil Green Build Conference and Expo” in São Paulo. Participating companies will also benefit from ITA’s matchmaking services by having a day of meetings in São Paulo with potential business prospects. In Rio de Janeiro, the delegation will take part in a conference organized by Export Green and also take a tour of the Porto Maravilha, a district revitalization project with a focus on LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

As part of outreach for the mission, last month Assistant Secretary Lamb-Hale and I travelled to Denver for Export Green’s forum, Opportunities for Colorado Green Companies in Brazil. In her keynote speech, she expressed ITA’s enthusiasm: “We stand ready to help U.S. companies that want to export clean technologies, and we are ready to leverage our bilateral ties with Brazil. We have full confidence that the Brazil-U.S. Business Council and Trade Roots can open doors on this trade mission.”

When it hosts the upcoming World Cup (2014) and Olympics (2016), Brazil is hoping to showcase green infrastructure and architecture. Even small U.S. companies with innovative technologies can take advantage of subcontracting opportunities. Best prospects in the Brazilian green building sector include energy efficient lighting, smart systems for energy automation and management, water treatment, onsite renewable energy, and the use of recycled materials in design and construction.

To demonstrate the market potential for green technology products in Brazil, we recently hosted a webinar to talk about opportunities and strategies. My colleagues from ITA’s Brazil country desk and the Commercial Service in São Paulo gave their perspectives, in addition to my own sectoral analysis, and we had presentations from the Brazil-U.S. Business Council as well, including an overview of the trade mission itself. You can download the webinar presentations here. You can also watch a recorded version, found here – for access, use the conference number PW7277144 and the passcode 3706981. But this replay is only available until June 18, so be sure to check it out soon. The deadline for applications is June 29. For more information, see the Export Green website.


  1. An interesting reference to the Brazil Olympics in your article there.

  2. An interesting comment about the Olympics

  3. Anything that will create a greener world and bring issues to the for front is a good thing, for Brazil to be looking ahead for issues related to World Cup and the Olympics is fantastic and should open many opportunities for companies to rethink how they do things in order to win contracts!

  4. I like the sense of competition this creates. Companies actually competing to have their green products used in Brazil. With more options Brazil will end up, most likely, with the best green technology they could get when this is all said and done.

  5. The World Cup and The Olympics! This is a great opportunity for US “green” companies to showcase there products much in the same way the Chinese showcased there LED lighting technology in the Beijing Olympics. The US has the best LED lighting and lighting management companies in the world. I hope they take advantage of this opportunity.

  6. brazil has sugar cane that they do a better job converting into energy than we do with corn

  7. I like the sense of competition this creates. With more options Brazil will end up, most likely, with the best green technology they could get when this is all said and done. I hope they take advantage of this opportunity.

  8. Is Brazil making technology for seawater desalination? I wonder if one of their lines of work, because in Australia are working hard in this matter.

  9. Well it’s good to know that the two economic powerhouses that are the US and Brazil are this advanced in co-operation on developing practical “green” technology. By the time the 2016 Olympics come around that should be enough time to complete some very dramatic projects to showcase to the world at the Games. 2014 isn’t that far off; I’ll be interested to see what developments are made by then to coincide with the World Cup. Those events will make for two once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunities…

  10. Great info about Brazil and green tech, nice I found this, Olympics are going to be great with green efforts. Thumbs up for this article. Thanks

  11. Great job by ITA in bring green technology to Brazil. The results have been encouraging. The Brazilian green tech market is booming as a result of increasing environmental consciousness, tougher laws and regulations. The scope of opportunities for green technology providers in Brazil is enormous. Brazil also wants to show its best to the world for the World Cup and Olympics.

  12. Combining Green Tech with the marketing power of the Olympics and World Cup is a great strategy, and should be very beneficial to Brazil. My question is, in relation to subcontracting, how difficult is it for American companies to establish a business presence in Brazil?

  13. Yes, I think it’s good that the ITA is helping to promote green technology in Brazil. Maybe we will see the direct results of some of that when we watch the Olympics there in 2016! Thank you, ITA!

  14. It’s great to see us trading with more countries. We need to export more and raise more capital so we can lower our national debt. Trading is excellent for our economy as well as the economy for the countries we are trading with. Excellent news.

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