U.S. Companies Commit to Exploring New Trade Opportunities in Lithuania

August 10, 2011

Juan Verde is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe in International Trade Administration’s Market Access and Compliance Unit.  

On Monday, the American Chamber of Commerce Lithuania proudly announced several U.S. firms had committed to participate in the first ever U.S. Department of Commerce Certified Trade Mission to Lithuania, including AT&T and Exelon.  I intend to meet personally with the U.S. and Lithuanian companies who are participating in the “Gateway” Trade Mission to Lithuania on September 26th to 27th, 2011.  I expect to learn from them the best ways ITA can help to expand U.S. exports, trade and partnerships with Lithuanian companies.

During the Certified Trade Mission, staff will organize matchmaking meetings for U.S. and Lithuanian businessmen, market specialists and government representatives will provide enriched presentations and consultations on market opportunities and ways of doing business in Lithuania. Before the Trade Mission, Lithuanian companies, according to their criteria, will be matched with potential U.S. business partners.

Sectors targeted for the trade mission include: information and communications technologies; client support centers; renewable energy (solar panels production, biomass production, wind power); and bio-plastics production.

AmCham Lithuania’s  press announcement discusses steps already taken by the trade mission organizers and supporters to encourage greater commercial cooperation between U.S. companies and Lithuanian companies, and notes many upcoming events to attract more companies to the trade mission.

The National Export Initiative has a goal of doubling U.S. exports in order to create more jobs.  One way to increase exports is to make it easier for U.S companies to access international markets by providing U.S. companies the opportunity to meet with foreign businesses, trade associations, and foreign governments.

Please take a look for yourself at this opportunity.   The AmCham Lithuania’s website  has invaluable information on the mission and it’s objectives.

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