International Trade Calendar – October 2011

September 9, 2011

International Trade Calendar

October 2011

Here is a list of selected international trade events of interest, including ITA-sponsored events and upcoming international trade fairs. The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) maintains a comprehensive listing of industry shows at http://www.export.gov. A fee may be charged for participation in some of these events. For more information, see the full event listing on the Web or contact the staff person listed in the event description.

October 4–7
U.S. Product Literature Center at Transport+Logistics 2011
Kiev, Ukraine

This show encompasses the entire range of transportation subsectors, including aviation, rail, marine, and multimodal transport systems. It will run simultaneously with three related shows: Intersklad (warehousing), TIR Commercial Vehicle Show, and Ukraine Travel Salon. For more information contact Oleksandr Zavhorodniy, of the USFCS, tel.: +380 (44) 490-4061; e-mail: oleksandr.zavhorodniy@trade.gov.

October 5
Webinar: 2012 Changes to the Harmonized Tariff System
White Plains, New York

This 90-minute Webinar will look at the new rules for tariff classification that will go into effect January 2012. Guest speaker Tom Valentine of Mainfreight, a global transport and logistics company, will discuss the scope of the changes, their effects on the supply chain, and their impact on filings with the Census Bureau’s Automatic Export System. For more information, contact Patricia Molinaro of the USFCS, tel.: (914) 682-6712; e-mail: patricia.molinaro@trade.gov.

October 6–8
TTG Incontri 2011
Milan, Italy

This show is the gateway to the Italian travel and tourism industry. In 2010, it brought together 2,400 companies from 100 countries and welcomed more than 6,000 international operators. For more information, contact Helen Simpson-Davis of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-1882; e-mail: helen.simpson-davis@trade.gov.

October 10–15
India Education Mission
New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai, India

This Department of Commerce trade mission is open to representatives of U.S. graduate programs, four-year undergraduate programs, and state study consortia whose members are accredited by one of the seven regional accrediting bodies. It will include one-on-one appointments with potential partners, embassy briefings, student fairs, and networking events. For more information, contact Matt Baker of the USFCS, tel.: (520) 670-5809; e-mail: matt.baker@trade.gov.

October 12–16
Frankfurt Book Fair
Frankfurt, Germany

This show is one of the world’s most important venues for publishers, booksellers, agents, librarians, translators, authors, and suppliers dealing with publishing rights, licenses, and international property rights. It is expected to attract more than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries and 299,000 trade visitors. For more information, contact Volker Wirsdorf of the USFCS, tel.: +49 (69) 7535-3150; e-mail: volker.wirsdorf@trade.gov.

October 13
Free Trade Agreements Workshop
Dubuque, Iowa

This all-day seminar will allow participants to learn the fundamentals of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other U.S. free trade agreements. Among other topics, it will cover product classification, identification of applicable NAFTA rules, and completion of a NAFTA Certificate of Origin. For more information, contact Patricia Cook of the USFCS, tel.: (515) 284-4591; e-mail: patricia.cook@trade.gov.

October 21–23
International Tourism and Travel Show
Montreal, Canada

Officials from U.S. travel destinations will have an excellent opportunity at this show to increase their location’s exposure, to create numerous contacts, and to learn about the newest travel and tourism trends. More than 35,000 visitors are expected to attend. The USFCS will be organizing a U.S. pavilion. For more information, contact Sue Bissi of the USFCS, tel.: (514) 398-9696; e-mail: sue.bissi@trade.gov.

October 22–27
High Point Market—Fall 2011
High Point, North Carolina

This twice-yearly show is one of the largest trade shows serving the home furnishings marketplace. It will feature 12 million square feet of showroom space and is expected to attract more than 80,000 visitors. For more information, contact Philippa Olsen of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-5449; e-mail: philippa.olsen@trade.gov.

October 27
AESPcLink Workshop
Lawrenceville, Georgia

Officials from the Census Bureau will lead this half-day workshop on how to electronically file a shipper’s export declaration using AESDirect, a Web-based application. Participants will receive individual attention in a computer lab setting and will be shown how to use AES PcLink, a software component of AESDirect. The participation fee is $60. For more information, contact Patrick Spence of the USFCS, tel.: (404) 897-6092; e-mail: patrick.spence@trade.gov.

On the Horizon

November 2–9
American Film Market 2011
Santa Monica, California

This annual trade show for independent motion picture production and distribution companies regularly attracts industry leaders from more than 70 countries. Attendees include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, financiers, and producers. At past shows, more than $800 million in deals have been signed. With 8,000 attendees, 900 screenings, and seminars by leading industry organizations, this show is a must for the sector. For more information, contact Micaela Brown of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-0578; e-mail: micaela.brown@trade.gov.

November 7
Webinar: A Basic Guide to Exporting—Small Business Administration Financing Information and Useful Export Resources
Middletown, Connecticut

Financing export sales is a critical step in ensuring that international sales are successfully completed. This one-hour Webinar will focus on export loan guarantee programs and export assistance resources available to small and medium-sized companies from the Small Business Administration. There is no fee to participate. For more information, contact Anne Evans of the USFCS, tel.: (860) 638-6953; e-mail: anne.evans@trade.gov.

November 9–11
Cosmoprof Asia 2011
Hong Kong, China

This event is one of the most comprehensive international cosmetics trade shows in Asia, showcasing a wide range of products and services. Show organizers expect more than 1,200 exhibitors and 15 national pavilions, including one from the United States with about 55 U.S. companies. More than 40,000 visitors are expected to attend. For more information, contact Edward Kimmel of the USFCS, tel.: (202) 482-3640; e-mail: edward.kimmel@trade.gov.

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