Discover What’s Next for Your Business at the Discover Forum

August 22, 2013

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Shirreef Loza and Frances Selema are Senior International Trade Specialists with the International Trade Administration’s Export Assistance Center in Raleigh, NC.

The Discover Forum will be held in Raleigh, NC, from Sept. 16-18.

There are plenty of questions for a small business looking to start exporting. What markets are best suited for your company’s products? How can you compete with larger companies? How can you get paid for your products? What kind of research do you need to do to begin exporting?

Luckily, you can get answers to all these questions and more at the 2013 Discover Global Forum in Raleigh, NC, Sept. 16-18.

This two-day summit will feature some of the world’s most knowledgeable people when it comes to exporting. Trade specialists from around the globe will be on hand to share inside tips about doing business in established and emerging markets, from Africa to Asia and the Middle East to South America.

Update: Check out a video about the Discover Forum 2013.

These specialists work every day in some of the world’s fastest growing economies – markets with consumers who are actively seeking the made-in-USA label. They know the best ways to bring your products to customers around the world.

The Discover Forum is the perfect opportunity for any U.S. business looking to begin exporting or to expand exports.

There’s no question that exporting is a great way to grow just about any business. It can protect your company from fluctuations in a single regional or national economy. It can expand your customer base, increasing sales and profits. It can also help create jobs in your town and boost the local economy.

We’ve shared several stories recently about just a fraction of the companies who have experienced new levels of success because of exporting.

Your company could be the next success story.

We at the International Trade Administration are proud to partner with the North Carolina District Export Council and other organizations to host the Discover Forum because exports are crucial to supporting the American economic recovery. Exports support millions of jobs, and that leads to greater prosperity here at home.

If your business is ready to start or increase exporting, register now for the Discover Forum. You can also follow the Forum on Twitter or contact us for more information.


  1. Folks, is there any option to sum up the information that will be shared in there with other people that wont be able to attend??? I believe this might really help us all and also maybe motivate other companies that would like to export their goods.

    Kind regards, Christine

    • Thanks for that question, Christine! We’ll be sharing loads of information from the event. We’ll have some more posts here on our blog, and we’ll also be tweeting from the event using #Discover2013. Of course you’re always welcome to visit one of our U.S. Export Assistance Centers for support as well.

  2. Hallo I’m from Italy, is possible to see the work of the 2013 Discover Global Forum in video conference ? sorry for my better english

    • Buonasera! We won’t have the entire forum on video, but we will post some snippets on Twitter during the conference. Be sure to follow @TradeGov and #Discover2013 for updates over the coming weeks. Grazie!

  3. Hi. Is there a video or some kind of a document with what was discussed at the forum? Maybe you could link there, or email me. Thanks, Marie

  4. Getting registered for this, is it still available or did i miss the boat?

  5. I believe this might really help us all and also maybe motivate other companies that would like to export their goods.

  6. Discover forum is the right approach for any business to start exporting or to expand exports. Exporting is one of the best ways to increase a products reach. It cannot only help build a wider customer base, increase in sales and profits but also helps boosts your local economy and creating millions of jobs.

  7. If you are serious about growing your business overseas, even if you’re a home or very small business selling supplements to your local community, you should attend the Discover Forum at least once. The networking, information and advices provided at the Forum itself will be an invaluable experience. The success stories shared was also very motivational.

  8. They know the best ways to bring your products to customers around the world.

  9. I have been to several Discover forums over the years and always have a great experience. I have a successful exports business in clothing and made many connections by visiting this event. I urge anyone to go!

  10. Muy Interesante

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