Farewell and Thank You

November 6, 2013

Francisco Sánchez served with the Department of Commerce for more than four years, and was the Under Secretary of International Trade from March 29, 2010, through November 6, 2013.

Francisco Sánchez speaking at the SelectUSA 2013 Investment Summit

Francisco Sánchez

Today is my last day serving as the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade.

I’ve prepared to make that statement for weeks now, but it’s still a very difficult thing to say.

It’s not a position I leave lightly, but it is one I leave with a great sense of satisfaction at what we have accomplished.

During the more than four years I’ve spent here at the International Trade Administration, the United States has seen remarkable growth in exports, including three consecutive years of record exports. We’re on track for yet another year of record exports in 2013. President Obama’s National Export Initiative is helping make it easier for American companies to increase their exports, bring their products to new markets, and help their businesses grow.

We just concluded the first-ever SelectUSA Investment Summit, which brought together 1,200 global business and economic development leaders to attract foreign direct investment to the United States.

Our national travel and tourism strategy is helping attract record numbers of foreign tourists to the United States. We finalized three free trade agreements and began negotiations on two more. We began new commercial dialogues with growing trade partners that will establish even more export potential in the future.

The most important fact lies behind these records and accomplishments – nearly 10 million American jobs are supported by exports. More than one million of them were created in the last four years. FDI supports more than five million jobs in the United States. Those people have good jobs helping drive our economic recovery.

The great news is that these accomplishments are not going to stop now that I’m leaving.

The numbers had little to do with me; the people behind those numbers are still here. The hard-working civil servants behind these initiatives will continue to serve. The innovative and driven American businesses that created these exports will continue to innovate.

When I walk out the door this afternoon, the muscle behind America’s export strategy remains here, diligently serving the American people.

I leave behind all the confidence in the world in the Department of Commerce team, from Secretary Pritzker all the way across the organization. Deputy Under Secretary of International Trade Ken Hyatt will provide excellent leadership until a new Under Secretary is confirmed.

I await with great anticipation all the future accomplishments that will come from the Department of Commerce. I can’t wait to see the continued successes of American businesses, the expanding commercial relationships with new partners, and the increased partnerships that will grow through trade.

I won’t watch these developments while in public service, but I’ll remain ever grateful for the opportunity I had to serve.

Thank you – all of you – for your support for me and your continued support for American businesses and American workers.