We’ve Got Your Six: Vets Go Global Initiative Connects Veterans to Global Markets

December 9, 2014

This post contains external links. Please review our external linking policy. Murat Muftari is an International Trade Specialist in the International Trade Administration’s U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service working out of the Long Island, NY U.S. Export Assistance Center.

Our Vets Go Global team met with veteran-owned businesses at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement to provide export counseling.

Our Vets Go Global team met with veteran-owned businesses at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement to provide export counseling.

As a former U.S. Special Forces soldier with multiple combat tours abroad, I can say with certainty that the camaraderie and trust that exists between soldiers is second to none. The title “We’ve Got Your Six” references what lies behind someone on the battlefield, their most vulnerable blind spot that is covered by their teammate. Here at the Department of Commerce, we want to help veterans out by watching their six as they start and grow their businesses. Throughout government, we have been working to support veterans as they transition into civilian life, helping them get back to work through the Veteran Employment Opportunity Act and Veteran Recruitment Act. A number of veterans, me included, have found a home as International Trade Specialists in the U.S. Commercial Service, consulting with U.S. companies on international business development and growth through our global network of trade professionals. Now, the veteran hires of the U.S. Commercial Service have united together to create Vets Go Global, an initiative that proactively engages veteran-owned businesses to connect them to global markets. Our team will work diligently to support veteran-owned businesses and help them grow their business by:

Update: Follow the Vets Go Global team on Twitter for news about upcoming initiatives!

Our Vets Go Global team believes in veteran-owned businesses and the important business skills they bring to the table — like adaptability, attention-to-detail, discipline, intercultural communications, objective-based focus, leadership, and perseverance. Those are the skill-sets that increase any company’s probability of success in international business. As veterans, we look forward to bringing back that battlefield camaraderie to our work with veteran business owners. To the veteran-owned business community, we’ve got your six in the global marketplace. Let us help you expand your exports and increase your bottom line. Contact your nearest Export Assistance Center to get started.


  1. Good article, great initiative! I am excited and honored to be apart of an initiative that assists the U.S. Veteran-owned business community. In addition, thank you to our Leadership who have supported us from the beginning. Most of all, thank you to all my fellow Veterans for their service.

  2. This is a wonderful initiative. I am an International Trade Professional and teaching global business at SCORE, Glendale California. I am writing a book to encourage VETS to get involved in global business and was wondering whether you can recommend any Vets transitioned into international trade successfully to interview for my book. I would appreciate if you could give me the contact information of any potential candidate that you can think of.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Best Regards,
    Ayse Oge

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