The North American Clean Energy Partnership Initiative

March 18, 2016

Stephen Sullivan is an International Trade Specialist in the Office of the Western Hemisphere

The United States, Canada, and Mexico have established a global standard for economic integration. Thriving commercial relationships and deeply connected supply chains have led to $1.2 trillion in total two-way goods trade between the United States and its North American partners in 2014.



Increased trade drives job creation and economic growth.   Integrated supply chains and reduced barriers to trade have built a solid foundation upon which North American competitiveness can continue to be enhanced to the benefit our citizens.  As we prepare for new challenges and opportunities in the 21st Century global marketplace, we must effectively leverage this regional economic integration to ensure continued growth and prosperity.

The North American Clean Energy Partnership Initiative (NACEPI) is one such effort.  Clean Energy is one of the most dynamic, fast-changing, and transformative sectors of the global economy.  A global consensus exists:  the world must deal with the threat of climate change, in part through the deployment of clean energy technologies.  The developed and developing world alike is choosing to promote clean energy through policy incentives to create opportunities and drive investment in almost all markets.

Through NACEPI, we will be working to make North America the dominant player in the use and export of clean energy and environmental technology.   This will entail supporting the development of business linkages among clean energy technology companies in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  The initiative will connect North American SMEs to multi-national supply chain opportunities and facilitate access to government and multilateral development bank procurement tenders.

The success of SMEs in the global marketplace is essential to our regional prosperity as these businesses are vital drivers of our respective economies.  In the United States, 63 percent of net new private-sector jobs are generated by SMEs and they account for 33 percent of the total value of U.S. exports.

The launch of NACEPI will take place at Centrallia in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, May 25-27, 2016.  This face-to-face business matchmaking event will serve as a foray into connecting North American clean energy companies.

The U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration’s Office of North America is the lead on this Initiative.  For more information please contact:  Stephen.Sullivan@trade.gov.


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