Hannover Messe Exhibitor Spotlight: Apfelbaum Industrial, Inc.

April 14, 2016

This post originally appeared on the Department of Commerce blog.

Ed. note: This post is part of a series highlighting the upcomingHannover Messe Trade Show April 25—29, 2016. This series will highlight U.S. exhibitors that will participate in the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. 

Guest blog post by OCTAVIO MANZANO , President of Apfelbaum Industrial, Inc.

This is your first time at Hannover Messe. What factors influenced your decision to participate this year?

Octavio Manzano in IEEE Acapulco Mexico Show 2014, Talking to the CFE attendants about Oil Transformer Reclaiming

Octavio Manzano in IEEE Acapulco Mexico Show 2014, Talking to the CFE attendants about Oil Transformer Reclaiming

I think is great opportunity to be expose because is the biggest show in Europe and there are so many worldwide companies  in several fields    how maybe we can partner or establish  relationship and there will be so many prospect clients how maybe we can capture.

Why is the Energy and Mobilitec pavilion a natural home for you?

Because we are involve in Power Generation, Transmission and Substations and we have also products for Oil Transformer Reclaiming all this services for Utility companies.

What do you hope to accomplish at Hannover Messe?

We like to make additional partnerships with other companies and we like to get new potential customers for other countries.

When and how did your company begin exporting?

We start exporting in 1987 to Mexico, then from 2007 we export to Venezuela also. Recently we  open a Branch in Dominic Republic.

What impact has exporting had on your company? What advice do you have for other American companies looking to start exporting?

We have been increasing our sales in those markets, therefore we find out the changes on those markets are continuous and even the rules for export are almost the same everywhere we need to  pay attention to the particular rules and contractual laws applicable to every Country which make difficult the competitiveness. Also  we need to have the lines of credit big enough to attend the financial challenges to manage the Purchase Orders, because the Banks always ask for domestic sales and they watch the export sales as very risky. Actually this is the biggest limitation to export, Lines of Credit for the Small Business.

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