Hannover Messe Exhibitor Spotlight: Virginia Economic Development Partnership

April 26, 2016

This post originally appeared on the Department of Commerce blog.

Ed. note: This post is part of a series highlighting the upcomingHannover Messe Trade Show April 25—29, 2016. This series will highlight U.S. exhibitors that will participate in the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology.

Guest blog post by Kevin Miller, Marketing Manager at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Virginia offers a wealth of diverse options for any company seeking a new home in North America.

“Virginia offers a wealth of diverse options for any company seeking a new home in North America.”

This is not your first time at Hannover Messe. What factors influenced your decision to come back this year?

The fact that we would be featured in the SelectUSA Investment Pavilion and that there will be opportunities for increased viability with USA as the Partner Country.
Why is the Investment pavilion a natural home for you?

In recent years, we have developed a relationship with the SelectUSA program. The pavilion will give us the platform to tell the Virginia story to global companies that are seeking a new home in the United States.
What do you hope to accomplish at Hannover Messe?

We hope to connect with current and potential future investors.
When and how did your organization enter the global marketplace? With what countries or markets are you currently engaged?                                                                                                 

The Commonwealth of Virginia was founded as a global business venture in 1607 when English colonist landed in Jamestown, Virginia—the first permanent English settlement in North America. We currently have offices in the UK, Germany, China, India and Japan.
What impact has this had on your organization or region? What advice do you have for other American organizations looking at the global market?

Today, Virginia is a leading gateway to successful business in North America. More than 750 internationally owned companies call the Commonwealth home. Virginia offers the qualities that corporate decision-makers everywhere are seeking in today’s global environment. Our exceptional infrastructure, strong education system, dynamic workforce, strategic location, and pro-business climate provide a solid foundation for growth and make the Commonwealth a great place for global enterprise.

In the past five years, international companies have announced more than 15,000 new jobs and $4.6 billion in investment in the Commonwealth. These companies contribute to the state’s economy by enhancing international trade. In 2014, sales of international goods and services from Virginia to the world were valued at $35.3 billion. Internationally owned firms in Virginia are often significant exporters of locally made products.

Internationally owned companies diversify Virginia’s economy, enhance the state’s culture, and introduce new technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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