2016 Sector-Specific Reports Provide U.S. Companies with Latest Assessment of Export Opportunities    

May 24, 2016


Marcus Jadotte is the International Trade Administration’s Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Industry & Analysis.

Earlier today, the International Trade Administration (ITA) released the 2016 Top Markets Reports to provide the latest assessment of export opportunities for U.S. companies. The Top Markets series is a collection of 19 sector-specific reports that are designed to help U.S. exporters compare markets across borders, using market intelligence and data to inform decision-making.

Top Markets Logo

Top Markets Logo

Thanks to feedback from our clients, we know that having sector-specific, forward-looking market intelligence is imperative for U.S. companies as they work to increase exports and identify their next export market. ITA is committed to providing this type of information and we hope that the Top Markets Reports have helped to meet this need. The 2015 versions of the Top Markets Reports had nearly 68,000 page views and were downloaded more than 16,000 times.

We are excited to build upon our reports from last year to reflect the most up-to-date analysis and insights from our experts, as well as incorporate information about how key developments in 2015 — such as the commitments from the December 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Paris and the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiations — will impact opportunities for U.S. exporters. Additionally, each report has new country case studies. This year, we have produced seven new reports providing market intelligence for a range of important industries, including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing technology.

From aircraft parts to renewable energy, education to cold supply chain, cloud computing to industrial automation, each Top Markets Report includes commentary on opportunities, trends, and challenges facing U.S. exporters in key potential markets. The reports combine the unique expertise of ITA’s sector leads in Industry & Analysis with economic data and the views of our staff stationed around the world. Exporters can access full reports or view individual sections. Collectively, the series includes more than 200 pieces of individually-viewable market intelligence.

To download a full report or view individual case studies within each report, visit http://www.trade.gov/topmarkets.

The Top Markets Reports are also a tool for federal agencies to use to prioritize export promotion activities and trade policy initiatives. We have already begun to incorporate the insights and analysis from the 2015 Top Markets Reports into these efforts, including targeting trade mission destinations and recruitment for the International Buyers Program at trade shows based on the top market rankings.

We hope you find these reports valuable and welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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