ITA’s South Korea/U.S. Power Working Group: Bringing Together Major Decision Makers

September 6, 2018

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This is the fourth and final entry in a series of guest blogs highlighting ITA activities that help connect U.S. companies to opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region following the recent Indo-Pacific Business Forum where Secretary Ross, Secretary Pompeo and other cabinet officials spoke about the Administration’s commitment to the region.

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Guest Blog Q & A with Mitchell Williams, Managing Director, Curtiss-Wright Korea, Japan

ITA: Tell us about your business and what makes your product/service unique?

Williams: Curtiss-Wright Corporation has a long history with its roots dating back to Orville and Wilbur Wright’s first flight in 1903, and Mr. Glenn Curtiss, the father of naval aviation. In 1929, the companies founded by these three great aviation pioneers, the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company and Wright Aeronautical Corporation, merged to form the largest aircraft company at the time, Curtiss-Wright Corporation.

Mitchell Williams

Mitchell Williams, Managing Director, Curtiss-Wright Korea, Japan

We have continued the path of innovation and advanced engineering and have applied that expertise to a number of critical applications in high-performance markets. Our success has resulted in a world-renowned reputation for performance, long-standing customer relationships and significant growth and profitability in the markets in which we compete.

Today, we are a diversified, multinational provider of highly engineered, technologically advanced products and services. We maintain a balanced and diversified business portfolio with revenues generated across our three segments: Commercial/Industrial, Defense and Power, which support several of the largest, most vital industries in the world. We have been a publicly traded company for nearly 90 years and our highly engineered, innovative products and services are recognized for their advanced technology and unsurpassed reliability.

What makes a world-class organization? It all begins with core values that provide a strong foundation for success. Simple in theory, the values of Curtiss-Wright are reflected in every aspect of our operations. To our employees, these are more than words on a wall – we all take these values to heart in our relationships with our customers and each other.

ITA: How do you see Asia affecting your business in the future?

Williams: Our opportunities in Japan have increased in the industrial space as nuclear plants have remained closed and alternate sources of power have been introduced. Particularly in the data analytics and remote monitoring solutions areas we have seen success through our partnerships with the local power companies. The continuous phase-out of nuclear power in South Korea is expected to shrink our order volume as we lose locations. The 2030 plan from the Korean government calls for 13GW of renewable energy which is providing opportunities to play more in that space. Taiwan is looking to restart their nuclear fleet to meet their energy needs. This change will also provide opportunities there.

ITA: What was uniquely useful about the South Korea/U.S. Power Working Group?

Williams: It was uniquely helpful in that it brought together major decision makers and shareholders to deliberate on issues facing the industry. All presented well-thought out and prepared statements which provided useful knowledge and background into the opportunities and challenges we face today. Where presentations were made, all materials were provided to the participants for future reference. This caliber of meeting demands the respect of all included and turns competitors into colleagues and government officials into friends. Nowhere else have I seen this level of participation and quality discussion.

ITA: Why do you work with ITA? And/or How has ITA already helped you in Asia?

Williams: The ITA works to increase U.S. content through advocacy, webinars, seminars, working focus groups and more. ITA members have been supportive of the work we do and of helping us to achieve our goals in Asia. Members of the ITA’s U.S. Commercial Service have shown support by attending industry events, seminars, and conferences together to learn more about the industry and to provide support where necessary. They have introduced us to high level officials during their visits to Asia, something we would have had much difficulty arranging on our own. Finally, the ITA supports the work I do as Chair of the Energy and Environment Committee at the American Chamber in Korea. They are always keen to attend committee meetings and provide meaningful input. I would recommend the ITA services to any multinational company wanting to do business more intelligently and mitigate risk in Asian markets.

ITA is proud to connect U.S. companies to opportunities in the Indo-Pacific region. If you are interested in how ITA can help you access Asian markets, contact your local International Trade Specialist.


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