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Expanding Exports of U.S. Personal Care and Beauty Products

June 6, 2017

Jamie Merriman is Acting Director of ITA’s Office of Strategic Partnerships

With more than $12 billion in exports in 2016, U.S. branded personal care and cosmetics are among the most highly desired brands in many overseas markets.  During the past five years, U.S. exports in the sector have grown at five percent to six percent annually.  Employing thousands of Americans across the country, the U.S. personal care and beauty industry is a critical component of the U.S. economy.

North American Beauty Events (NABE) became an International Trade Administration Strategic Partner to help U.S. companies in this sector deliver their high-quality products and services to the world.  Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., this small business is the organizer of the largest business-to-business beauty industry trade show in the United States, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA).  Attracting more than 1,100 exhibitors, almost 40 percent of whom come from overseas, this event focuses on helping its 33,000 attendees to discover unique brands and products, find new channels for distribution, packaging, and manufacturing, and to form key relationships with top industry professionals and retailers.  Partnering with ITA has enabled NABE to offer export counseling, market briefings and business-to-business matchmaking to trade show participants, opening up global market opportunities to U.S. firms.  The market for U.S.-branded products is only expected to grow, with another one billion new consumers coming online in emerging markets to create a $30 trillion consumer goods market by 2030.

Throughout the years, many companies have benefited from the services and support offered to CPNA exhibiting companies looking to expand distribution internationally. One such exhibitor, Pink Pewter (an ITA client), which specializes in unique and on-trend fashion forward hair jewelry, headbands and beauty products successfully used the trade shows’ resources to expand in Colombia, Costa Rica, the United Arab Emirates, Panama and South Africa.

“CPNA is a great place to find international distributors and has helped Pink Pewter export to countries we haven’t previously had as an option. This has helped our brand expand its presence internationally, thus growing our market reach tremendously,” said Alyx Martinez, Trade Show & Sales Director of Pink Pewter.

Underscoring its efforts to promote the personal care and beauty products industry, Cosmoprof North America recently won the President’s “E” Award for Export Service.  Export Service award winners like CPNA have demonstrated a long-term commitment to support the export growth of U.S. business in measurable, innovative, and sustainable ways.  To benefit from CPNA’s demonstrated commitment to helping U.S. companies export, join ITA and NABE at the annual Cosmprof North America trade show in Las Vegas on July 9-11th ( ITA is offering complimentary counseling and buyer meetings to U.S. companies attending the show.

To learn more about market opportunities in the personal care and beauty industry, check out ITA’s Global Personal Care and Cosmetics Resource Guide.










Cosmetics Make for Beautiful Exports!

December 5, 2013

Elisa Martucci is a Commercial Specialist with the International Trade Administration’s Commercial Service, based in Rome, Italy.

Data show that U.S. exports in cosmetics and beauty products have increased every year since 2009, from $8.1 billion to $10.4 billion.

Data show that U.S. exports in cosmetics and beauty products have increased every year since 2009.

The beauty of U.S. cosmetics isn’t just in the eye of the beholder; it’s also in the eye of the economy. Cosmetics and beauty products are significant contributors to American exports and support jobs throughout the country.

U.S. exports of cosmetics products have increased every year since 2009, and the International Trade Administration’s Commercial Service wants to help more American businesses in this sector find success overseas.

One way we’re helping is by hosting a series of webinars on how businesses in the cosmetics and beauty products industry can increase their exports to Europe. We hosted webinars for 33 companies looking to do business in the Nordic region and Eastern Europe, and we have another webinar focusing on Western Europe on Dec. 11.

Our specialists based throughout the continent help businesses like yours increase exports every day. We can provide unmatched provide insight into the European market, including:

  • European distribution channels;
  • Insights on sales and marketing;
  • Guidance on regulations, including labeling and documentation;
  • And opportunities to promote your products.

Our commercial specialists all over the United States are also available all year to help your company compete in Europe and in markets all over the world.

You may have never considered taking your products overseas before, but I hope you’ll contact our team to learn about opportunities to help your business grow by competing overseas. Cosmetics and beauty products exports were more than $9.5 billion in 2012, and we’re on pace to beat that in 2013.

We want your business to be among those that are increasing exports, finding new markets, enjoying greater profits, and supporting growth.

Register now for our Dec. 11 webinar, or contact your nearest Export Assistance Center today!