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New Videos Highlight Priority Markets for U.S. Exporters

September 9, 2011

Emerging and “next-tier” markets will be crucial to the growth of U.S. exports during the coming years. Six of those markets are the subject of a series of new videos now available online.

by John Ward, a writer in the International Trade Administration’s Office of Public Affairs.

U.S. exporters looking to learn more about how to enter emerging markets in Asia and South Asia now have a valuable introduction through a series of videos on, the U.S. government’s export portal. The six videos, which were produced by the International Trade Administration’s Trade Information Center, run approximately three minutes each and examine export opportunities for U.S. companies in China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Each video contains an interview with a U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) officer who outlines three things to know about his or her market and highlights sectors in which U.S. companies are especially competitive. The remarks are specifically targeted to U.S. companies—especially small and medium-sized enterprises—that may have not previously considered exporting to these markets.

For More Information

To see the six new videos, visit Each market also has links to additional information. For more information, visit the U.S. government’s export portal at or call the Trade Information Center at 1-800-USA-TRAD(E) (1-800-872-8723).

“Three Things to Know about the India Market” features Judy Reinke, senior commercial officer, U.S. Embassy, New Delhi, India.

Growing Markets

According to Judy Reinke, senior commercial officer in New Delhi and one of the commercial officers interviewed, U.S. companies have plenty of room to expand in a market such as India. “There is a growing and sustainable middle class [in India]. Right now, some 300 million people are in the middle class. Within 10 to 15 years that could reach 600 million.… We can help a company in any business sector where there is growth.”

A 2009 study conducted for the Department of Commerce found that 58 percent of U.S. exporters sell to only one market, mainly Canada. Along with countries with which the United States has signed a free trade agreement, emerging markets, such as the six highlighted in the videos, present some of the best opportunities for U.S. exporters because of their higher-than-average growth rates.

Meeting U.S. Export Goals

According to the International Monetary Fund, emerging economies are expected to post annual growth rates of more than 6 percent during the coming years, compared with a little more than 2 percent for the developed world. Expanding U.S. exports to those growing markets will be a critical factor in meeting the National Export Initiative’s goal to double U.S. exports by the end of 2014.

For each market in the videos, the Department of Commerce offers a variety of resources, and its in-country specialists stand ready to assist U.S. exporters. Don Nay, senior commercial officer in Hanoi, Vietnam, noted, “We have a lot of opportunities and a lot of success stories. We want to have more.”


Shssssssh! Don’t Tell Anyone How You Increased Your International Sales

December 9, 2010

Doug Barry is a senior international trade specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service.

A best-kept secret is that domestic trade shows are great places to meet and sell to international buyers.  U.S. businesses that have discovered this relatively low-cost channel for drumming up new sales claim that exhibiting at the “right” shows can fill their order books for the entire year.

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View more from the Trade Show Video Series

It may sound counter intuitive to make international sales without leaving the U.S., but the fact is that international buyers are attracted to large trade shows in the U.S.  And let’s not forget the draw of Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami and other big trade show venues.

So what are the “right” shows out of the hundreds held annually across the country?  It depends on the industry you are in, but the first tier of shows to consider is those that offer the International Buyer Program (IBP), a service that facilitates buyer-seller matchmaking and made possible by the Commerce Department’s U.S. Commercial Service.  IBP is an important part of the Obama Administration’s National Export Initiative which aims to double the value of U.S. exports over the next five years.

Shows are competitively selected each year based on their attractiveness to buyers in industries and countries that are considered best prospects for U.S. suppliers.  The range of industries this year is broad and includes obvious ones such as construction, power generation and restaurant equipment, as well as less obvious ones like dental hardware and funeral supplies.  Come to think of it death has always been a growth industry, and although post-life practices may vary by culture and country the market is enduringly global.

With almost 40 International Buyer Program shows to choose from many U.S. businesses will find one that’s suited to them.  Ideally, the process begins by contacting your local U.S. Export Assistance Center, part of the worldwide network operated by the Commerce Department.

Export experts will help prepare you to use services at the show to meet the international buyers that are recruited by U.S. embassies.  Preliminary contact and information exchanges are arrange beforehand, but the real business is done on the show floor and in a special area called the International Business Centers, which feature conference rooms for conducting negotiations.

Billions of dollars in sales are registered each year, and most of the U.S. companies making the sales are smaller companies.  So now that we’ve pulled the cover off this formerly best-kept secret, watch the four videos on the IBP (so far) and see for yourself how companies like yours are selling globally without going far from home.