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Sánchez: We Can’t Wait

December 9, 2011

Laura Marquez is the Director of the Border Export Strategy at ITA and advises the Under Secretary on matters relating to cross border trade. 

Francisco Sánchez, the Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, is one of the nation’s highest ranking Latino officials. And as a Florida native, he knows firsthand the challenges faced by America’s Latino community as our economy recovers and as we put hard-working Americans back to work.

That is why I wanted to share with you a blog post from the Under Secretary that was recently featured by the White House. In the article, he lays out the challenges facing our community. He shares what he has heard at recent White House Hispanic Community Action Summits – including one last week in Miami. And perhaps most importantly, he lays out what the Obama Administration is doing to support American businesses, American workers, and to ensure that the American Dream is a reality not just for his generation, but for generations to come.

Americans can’t wait. They need jobs now. They need opportunities now.

Here at ITA, we are proud of Under Secretary Sánchez’s leadership within the Administration, and on behalf of our community.

Read Francisco’s article on the White House Blog here.

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