Persistent Exporters Recognized for their Achievements during E-Awards White House Ceremony

May 17, 2012

Cory Churches is a Communications and Outreach Specialist in the Office of Public Affairs within the International Trade Administration.

Today Commerce Secretary John Bryson presented 41 U.S. companies and organizations with “E” Awards and “E Star” Awards recognizing their significant contributions to the expansion of U.S. exports. These awards fall into two categories. The “E” Award for Exports honors manufacturers and service businesses, demonstrating a sustained increase over several years in selling U.S. products and services to overseas consumers. The “E” Award for Export Service honors export service providers that demonstrate how over several years they have assisted businesses to increase their exports.

Commerce Secretary John E. Bryson welcomes the 41 "E" and "E Star" Award winners to the Indian Treaty room.

Commerce Secretary John E. Bryson welcomes the 41 “E” and “E Star” Award winners to the Indian Treaty room. (Photo U.S. Dept. of Commerce)

The “E” Award was created by President John F. Kennedy on December 5, 1961, “to award suitable recognition to persons, firms, and organizations making significant contributions to the increase of American exports.” The “E Star” Award, which was authorized by the Secretary of Commerce in 1969, recognizes previous “E” Award winners for their continuing significant contributions to U.S. export expansion.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the “E” Award and since its inception, more than 2,500 companies and organizations have been recognized for their excellence in exporting. The honorees this year are the largest group to be recognized with the “E” Awards and “E Star” Awards for their export achievements and the diversity of industries and communities represented is impressive. The 2012 receipents come from across the United States, from Bakersfield, Calif., to Baton Rouge, La., Bolingbrook, Ill., and Bradford, Pa. Of the companies recognized at today’s ceremony, 35 are small or medium-sized enterprises, 20 are manufacturers, and 17 companies are both.

For example, the 2012 recipients include:

Ambient Technologies is a small, Hispanic-owned business that has been providing geological consulting, drilling, geophysical and geographic services since 1993. With offices in Florida and Panama, Ambient employs more than 32 individuals in the United States and more than 12 internationally, mostly professional scientists, technicians, drillers and administrators. Ambient contracts with international consultants and engineering firms to deliver support services on projects in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean region. These projects include major construction and remediation projects with worldwide recognition, including the Panama Canal Expansion.

Founded in 1997, MyUS.com of Sarasota, Florida is a leader in international package forwarding and shipping, servicing more than 100,000 global consumer and business customers’ annually.  MyUS.com employs shipping experts to handle its customer’s international shipping logistics, package consolidation, export compliance and customs documentation needs for the approximately 2,000 packages MyUS.com receives daily.  With a global footprint in over 200 countries worldwide, MyUS.com has sustained its commitment to export expansion by continuing to provide excellent service to its customers.

DeFeet International Inc., of Hildebran, North Carolina, manufactures high-quality, technical-performance sports socks, gloves, and base-layer apparel. Established in 1992, DeFeet has always manufactured its own products. In September 2001, the company lost their entire factory to fire. DeFeet was able to continue knitting and rebuild. The company is committed to making quality products using locally sourced materials, employing skilled craftspeople, and minimizing waste.

NuStep of Ann Arbor, Michigan, manufactures a recumbent cross-trainer designed for general fitness, as well as rehabilitation physical therapy of individuals unable to use regular exercise equipment.

McWong Environmental and Energy Group of Sacramento, California provides environmental design services and equipment for wastewater treatment projects in China.

These are just a few examples of the companies recognized today. Each story differs, but at the heart of their success is their willingness and ability to tap into markets outside of our borders.

Today people want products “Made in America” and these manufacturers, service companies, and export service providers from across the country are helping to make that possible.